TAP-SF 2019-2020 Board Applications

Applications open on a rolling basis. Apply now here!

Being on the TAP-SF board is a great way to foster community in the bay area, gain leadership experience, and collaborate with some of the most talented and passionate people in the Bay Area. TAP is structured with two layers of leadership, an elected executive team and an appointed cabinet (chairs/directors). Executive team members oversee the broader mission of TAP, while cabinet members plan and lead specific events and programs. Committee members support and collaborate with cabinet members on various initiatives.

If you’re ready to get involved and lead as a chair or help out as a committee member, we’d love to hear from you. You can fill out our application and send your resume to execs@tap-sf.org!

General board Requirements

  • Be responsible and accountable for any events or projects related to your position

  • Attend monthly board meetings (~2 hours) and relevant planning meetings

  • Attend TAP-SF board retreats 2x per year (October/March TBD)

  • Recommended to attend national retreats 2x per year (Labor Day and Martin Luther King Weekend)

  • Attend TAP-SF events when possible

  • Collaborate cross-functionally on larger events such as Taiwanese American Culture Festival, Lunar New Year Banquet, etc.

  • Document all work for knowledge sharing purposes

Time commitment for chairs is ~10 hours/week; less for committee members.

Cabinet & Committee Positions

VP of Operations (actively seeking)

  • Oversees the website, marketing and communications of TAP

  • Responsible for monthly newsletter and reporting on monthly KPIs

  • Ensures effective management of the official records of TAP, including documents, calendars and publications

  • Serves as the resource for governance and policies, including constitution, bylaws, insurance, and non-profit status

  • Continually optimizes internal processes, streamlining event planning procedures across different teams

Taiwanese American Cultural Festival (actively seeking director and committee members)

Sponsorship (actively seeking chair and committee members)

  • Collaborate with Treasurer to lead fundraising efforts, particularly for the cultural festival

  • Build the TAP-SF corporate sponsorship package and manage the sponsor recruitment effort

Marketing (actively seeking social media leads)

  • Work closely with Design Chair on creation and distribution of promotional materials

  • Oversee public relations activities, including creation of necessary content

Design (actively seeking graphic designer and committee members)

  • Manage the overall design and branding of all TAP collateral across both print and digital media

  • Collaborate with the Marketing/PR Chair as needed on design and creation of marketing material, bulletins, etc.

  • Create promotional material as needed to promote TAP events and programs

  • Serve as the design resource for the board

Photography (actively seeking photographer)

  • Take high quality photographs during TAP-SF events, especially large event

Social (committee members welcome)

  • Host the annual Lunar New Year Celebration (Jan/Feb)

  • Host social events and TAPpy Hours

  • Collaborate with other organizations where relevant to expand the TAP-SF network

Community Service (committee members welcome)

  • Generate opportunities for TAP-SF members to give back to the community and increase Taiwanese American presence in the community

  • Plan and execute community service events that help the Taiwanese American and local community

  • Coordinate with other community organizations where relevant

Professional Development (actively seeking chair and committee members)

  • Generate opportunities to strengthen the professional interests of TAP-SF members

  • Plan and execute the TAP-SF Professional Series (monthly workshops/seminars)

  • Collaborate with other professional organizations where relevant

  • Build relationships with guest speakers and other figures in the professional community

Health & Wellness (committee members welcome)

  • Works closely with the Social chair to generate and execute new ideas to promote a healthy and active lifestyle to TAP-SF members

  • Host sporting events such as Hikes, Volleyball Tournament, Bike Rides, Tahoe Trips, Beach Days, etc.

  • Organize fitness challenges and competitions


Fill out our application and send your resume to execs@tap-sf.org!