Q: Is TAP a political organization?

A: We are a politically neutral organization neither favoring the pan-blue or pan-green political coalitions in Taiwan. We respect all mainstream political viewpoints in Taiwan and encourage rational and open discussion on all things related to Taiwan.  Our official stance on Taiwan, is we believe in self-determination and the furthering of Democracy.  Our programs focus on specifically developing Taiwanese Americans in the United States.

Q: Where does TAP get its funding from?

A: TAP fundraises its own operating budget from events, and the support of businesses, foundations, other non-profits, schools, and individuals.

Q: What age group is TAP?

A: The majority of the programming is aimed to specifically benefit young professionals.  Their typical age range is 20s to mid 30s.  However, there are no set age restrictions.

Q: Is TAP only for second generation Taiwanese Americans?

A: TAP welcomes all interested members including international professionals living in the US and recent immigrants to become active with TAP and attend our events.

Q: Do I have to be “Taiwanese” or identify myself as “Taiwanese” to become involved with TAP or attend TAP’s events?

A:  TAP welcomes all attendees of every identity, race, ethnicity, national origin, and political belief. Having an interest in Taiwan is the one thing attendees and volunteers may have in common, and we do not discriminate.